NYFW iPhoto Journal

Photos taken on my phone, sorry for the bad quality.  Great food/ coffee and fashion parties.  You can check out more on my instagram @FemmeRogue



::DVF Backstage Fashion show::

Diane Von Furstenberg show was so much fun. Got to go backstage and see all the looks.  Had my friend shoot video while I shot in the photographers section.  Saw a lot of pretty faces and clothes.


Mara Hoffman

::Mara Hoffman::

First fashion show of the season and to tell you the truth definitely not my favorite, I wouldn't wear any of the looks per se.  However my favorite look shown above is the floor- sweeping terra-cotta/almost nude bandeau dress, because in reality it would be the only one I'd actually wear.  I was really not feeling the new range Mara was showing and I missed her electric vibrant prints.  This collection was more tranquil, sunset desert feel and none of the prints appealed to me, even the cannabis leaf motif looks were a no no, however maybe Rihanna or Cara D would sport them.


NYFW '14

::NYFW Prep::

New York Fashion Week is here. Last year was my first year and I mostly shot streetstyle and did touristy things, so I can't wait to be back for more of the fashion aspect. I've got a few shows and events to attend, therefore this year is going to be more eventful and exciting as I have more on my agenda. I also, have all my outfits picked out so as to not over pack. I really hope the weather is as nice as it says it's going to be and cooling down because I can't take the heat. Don't miss me too much OC, I'm comin' for ya NYC.



::Proenza Bag::

What's in my bag= WIMB. Basically all I ever carry in my bag. Plastic, some coins for meters that don't take card, and my keys of course. I always carry a mini version of perfume-this one is Prada- very convenient. Since it's officially summer I don't leave the house without my rosewater balancing mist, great for when I need a quick refresher and I suggest this one by Jurlique. Only makeup I ever carry is a powder (Chanel) for touch ups if need be, chapstick or a simple lip gloss (Emporio Armani)that can pass as chapstick. A nail file is always in my wallet (not pictured) because I always seem to break my nails on the most random of things. My iPad for when I'm at a cafe for pleasure in which I read my kindle, or read magazines, or work doing research and some cyber shopping. Almost forgot about my phone, used for all blogging necessities. That's WIMB, WIYours?


::Balenciaga Iconic Mountain Ankle Boots::

Words cannot explain my love for Balenciaga. Nicolas Ghesquière the Great! From studded sandals and handbags to perfect leather jackets and boots, he always delivers. These are the only balenciaga boots thus far I've had my eye on, no offense to his other boots but my friend told me they were super heavy and take a while to break in. I don't have that patience. These are lace ups and have a cute detail in the back. Perfectly shiny leather. I am in love.


My first

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 photo IMG_7148.jpg
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 photo IMG_7135.jpg
 photo IMG_7144.jpg

::Prada boots::

It was love at first sight. These beauties may not be everyones style, but that is exactly why I like them. I honestly have not had the chance to wear them and bought them earlier this year. OC has not given us any really cold weather and I definitely don't want to break them in during these heat waves. Although they would look bangin' paired with some cut offs and a simple tee. First pair of Pradas, and probably my last as I really don't like to have to share my attention between multiple pairs of the same designer shoes. Mostly in part to not wanting to make such a big purchase again on a pair of shoes. But they're Pradas you say? I know I feel guilty, so it has to stop here. But what better place to stop than here.




CHANEL les beiges healthy glow sheer colour.  On, this literally looks like I came back from a tropical vacation because I actually got it in a shade darker knowing tanning season is upon us.  It is very natural and very light.  It's almost as if I'm not wearing anything.  Gives very light coverage.  Perfect for these super hot Orange County days.  The half moon brush is not great but will suffice.

I am also looking for more of a heavier coverage for my problem days so I will look into their other powders as well.  


Oscars Red Carpet 2014

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::Oscars Red Carpet 2014::

Oscars red carpet winners in my book. If I had to chose any gowns from this years oscars I would definitely wear one of these four. The gorgeous Charlize Theron I wearing a black Dior gown with a statement necklace. Jolie is wearing a sparkly champagne gown by the great Elie Saab. Jenna looks astonishing in a Reem Akra number. Lastly an icy blue pleated deep plunge Dior on Nyong'o.